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New Grove Ribbed Legging Collection

Gym Clothes Nobodi Leggings Women’s Activewear Yoga Tights Fitness Apparel Nobodi  Nobodi


Browse our collection of women's tops for durability, comfort, and style.

Gym Clothes Nobodi Leggings Women’s Activewear Yoga Tights Fitness Apparel Nobodi  Nobodi


Discover nobodi's wide range

of womens active leggings.


Learn how to care for

your new nobodi apparel.


Seamless Reimagined 

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a moisture-wicking fabric

icons8-fabric-78 copy 3.png

designed for contouring the body

icons8-fabric-78 copy 6.png

an active breathability feature

icons8-fabric-78 copy 4.png

shaped ribbed waistband for support

the celestial seamless collection

nobodi ever said it was easy... They just promised it would be worth it.

About Us
Green Valley
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our mission

Nobodi offers one of the widest-growing ranges of sports and activewear for women, perfect for all your workouts.


We stock a range of products that would suit all your needs, covering leggings, sports bras, tight shorts, jackets, workout tops, seamless tights, and much more. Our range of premium gym clothes are made from high-quality materials designed to fit your body perfectly, while also offering you the freedom to move and feel comfortable. The number one goal of women is to look and feel their best. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality products available so you can feel confident in every moment of your day. For every kind of workout whether it’s at the gym, cardio, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, CrossFit, HIIT, or sports training, for every goal whether you're training for a marathon or simply trying to get back in shape with some weight loss, we have something that everyone will love.

We're nobodi

we combined elegance with comfort 

Fitness is not just about working out, but also about living a healthy and fulfilling life. We make it a point to ensure that the quality of our products is parred excellence. From expertly-designed materials to meticulous stitching and construction.

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